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Learn More About Ottomans, Poufs, Low Stools + Bean Bags

How to Choose the Best Modern Ottomans, Poufs & Low Stools

The modern ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture for the contemporary living room. When choosing a contemporary ottoman or pouf, first you want to think about its function. Most people think of an ottoman as a place to rest your feet when relaxing on the sofa after a long day. While serving as a footrest is the primary function of ottomans, some innovative designs of low stools, poufs, and bean bags serve dual functions as a seat.

Modern ottomans can act as an extra surface for holding food, drinks, and household items. If you don’t have a traditional , an ottoman coffee table is a modern solution that offers both comfort and functionality. They can even serve as an occasional end table as well. If you need some extra space, modern storage ottomans can provide a hidden compartment to keep the room neat and orderly.

An important aspect you’ll want to consider when finding the best ottoman for your modern home is style. Mid-century modern ottomans are rising in popularity as vintage appeal is making a comeback. Ottomans with mid-century modern aesthetics incorporate design elements from the 1950s and 60s and pair them with modern manufacturing techniques. Minimalistic ottomans are all about simplicity, offering a clean, sleek look to the modern home. Other designs feature traditional or classic looks like modern cushioned or leather ottomans.

Popular Contemporary Ottoman Shapes & Sizes

The ottomans of today come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the modern home. are an excellent choice for spacious living rooms. A rectangular ottoman is suitable for L-shaped sectionals so it can be utilized from every seat. Large square ottomans are perfect for wide or in lieu of a coffee table.

Modern round ottomans are quite versatile since they are suitable for many different floor plans. Whether you need a footrest for a or armchair, round ottomans can be tucked away into smaller spaces. Make sure you have about one foot to one-and-a-half feet in between the chair and the ottoman for optimal spacing.

Ottomans can make a fashion statement with their shape since some come in abstract designs. Some unique shapes include triangular or hexagon-shaped ottomans. Abstract ottomans are the ultimate in modern style since they experiment with visual depth and texture with sharp angles and sleek contours. Some designs are even modular so they can be pulled apart for individual use or pushed together for a larger surface area.

Top Modern Ottoman and Pouf Brands

is one of the leading producers of modern ottomans and poufs thanks to their diverse line of designers that are each stylish and unique. From large square ottomans with a classic tufted top stitch to a colorful six-sided ottoman, these multi-purpose pieces of furniture are sure to make an impression in your modern home.

is one of the industry’s top designers of contemporary, abstract, and mid-century modern ottomans. Offering fresh takes on classic designs, Knoll is committed to uplifting the environment of the modern home to meet the style and demands of the 21st-century household.