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Modern Outdoor Lounge Chairs

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The Importance of a Modern Outdoor Lounge Chair

Furnishing the back patio is an easy way to encourage open air lounging from the comforts of home while the warm weathered months are at their peak, and the best modern outdoor furniture piece to start with is the modern outdoor lounge chair. Through a simple and all weathered lounge chair, indoor comfort is extended outdoors while enhancing the value of the space by reserving it for memories in the making.

The Design of the Outdoor Lounge Chair

In this day and age, there isn't exactly a standard for the modern outdoor lounge chair and saying they come in all shapes and sizes is a bit of an understatement. With designs ranging from being artistically inclined with the aim of attracting attention, to outdoor lounge chairs that are straightforward and functional, to seat designs focalized around comfort, it's clear to see how the design of contemporary lounge chairs have evolved. And with the right lounge chair, the arrangement of a given outdoor space will not only have a champion to drive its design but offer an open invitation to sit back and enjoy.

The Right Outdoor Lounge Chair for the Right Situation

Harmony around overall great design pays off when accommodating the needs of the space. Consider the materials of the modern outdoor lounge chair and how materials play a key role when situating the arrangement. Without a doubt, each outdoor lounge chair is constructed differently for varying purposes and situations; which is why understanding the space and the seat's purpose is important. For example, when hunting for a seat to place poolside, the best option is a seat that's breathable, waterproof and is mildew resistant; such as a lounge chair with a mesh sling.

When camping, the best lounge chair is one that's collapsible, easy to transport and easy to clean; in this case, a foldable lounge recliner is best for keeping the campsite comfortable. The garden, on the other hand, would be best furnished with an outdoor lounge chair that's primarily composed of a single material for easy upkeep and for avoiding premature breaking down while exposed to the garden's natural elements; in this case, a metal, polyethylene or teak seat will fare best.

Maintaining the Seat's Material

As all contemporary outdoor lounge chairs are intended for being outdoors, the material of the seat will affect the required maintenance in relation to its environment; thus, potentially swaying seat options. Harsher environments greatly affect the quality of outdoor furniture and outdoor lounge chairs are no exception. Extreme heat, dryness, cold and dampness can reduce the lifespan of a piece if not responsibly maintained or placed in a protected area. Wicker, for example, is sensitive to extreme weather conditions; dry heat and rainy weather can dry out or warp the wicker strands and if not regularly maintained, mildew can build up between the crevices. In order to preserve the quality of the wicker, it's recommended to protect the seat by covering it or placing it under a covered area. A polyethylene molded seat is highly durable, but it's not invincible to UV rays. These types of outdoor lounge chairs fare well in direct sunlight, but fading can occur if the seat is forgotten outside season after season; its's best to place these seats in shaded or under protected areas when not in use. Meanwhile, teak is a naturally durable wood that can easily withstand damp and hot weather. It can maintain its natural luster if regularly oiled or fade to a pleasant silvery grey if left untouched as the seasons pass.

Luckily, with the abundant variations of modern outdoor lounge chairs available, finding the right seat couldn't be easier for any given arrangement or environment. And when paired with the perfect modern outdoor sofa, coffee table, or side table, outdoor lounging couldn't be anymore picturesque.